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…from the serious to the hilarious to the frivolous to the wondrous, here’s a sampling of this week’s inspirations…

jasmine star never fails to inspire, photographically and otherwise

engagement photos in a vegetable garden : my kind of shoot!

nectarines/basil/suntan lotion top my list of favorite summer smells

another summer love : bonfires on the beach

and more summer fun : free ice cream cone gift tags!

love goal achievers…can’t wait to attend MTH someday!

and speaking of MTH, peruse some of these for endless inspiration

oh my land…what a cute kid’s party idea

this will be one of the first things made in my new kitchen. guaranteed.

 – archives –

unbelievably beautiful sunrise photo shoot

these look like the breakfast of champions

sweet story about the importance of details

love the cardigans!

bucket list : take a vacation to the shore. preferably asap! and often!

could this engagement be any more thoughtful and detailed?

insightful observations on the real magic of pixar


homemade post-workout recovery drinks

totally doing this when i have kids

can’t wait to try making this

and…i think i might also be trying this (!!!)

i love anything that happens on a farm

health and fitness stories inspire me to no end

last but not least, happy father’s day! especially to my dad!


the website behind nectarine pizza

i wholeheartedly agree with this ranking

why does all of the good stuff go down in california?

using yoga for good

love the images and the message of this commercial

song of the week


i may not be southern, but i still love the idea of a good biscuit bar!

can’t wait to peruse this asap

this story is a great reminder of how God can use our lives in ways we never anticipate

truly inspired : 1 dress, 100 days, for orphans

love this birthday party!

what’s your color? (i still can’t decide mine!)

i first saw this episode while on the roadtrip : pure southern comfort then and now!

LOVED the season finale of [FRAMED]


thank you, oprah!

life advice

this gets me every time!

newest addition to the ever-growing summer soundtrack:

pioneer woman on loving life’s imperfections

well-timed reminder of God’s perfect provisions from carpool queen

someday, i want to try all of these

cute kids, beautiful pictures

great resource for health and fitness blogs


absolutely stunning maternity photos

this blog is a new favorite!

daily dose of awesome

work ethic personified

the sweetest, most well-planned engagement!

day zero


 will it matter when you’re 80?

AMAZING post : the calling

switch up your daily routine with a new workout

gorgeous reception

love this florida wedding

this recipe works like a charm

addicting black & white kettle corn

experiment using this online slr camera

 donna hay


what are you 100% committed to?

food photography

love this happy bride!

beautiful wedding flowers


this commercial makes me inordinately happy


God’s unconditional love

sherry from YHL on the many merits of pinterest

 breakfast heaven

 this wedding, and this wedding, and this wedding

this…disturbing yet delicious


success stories

the packers 2011 schedule

tim tebow


brooke snow on choosing yourself

lens on life

my spring soundtrack

an inside look at a sports shoot

this interview with lara casey

beautiful, beautiful photos by bryan rupp photography

this wedding is superb

 jon acuff on dreams

jasmine star on choosing risk

boston’s ban on sugary beverages



Jon Acuff on facing fears

Idea Paint

The Lady & Sons’ humble beginnings

tiny anchors




the new chocolate dipped coconut Luna Bar

Alabama wisdom

Richard’s reaction to winning Top Chef

Philippians 1:6

advice from What Shanni Saw


this interview of Rebecca Hayes

the new collection of Punjammies

the breakfast menu at Flour City Diner

jill thomas photography

John 10:10


Starbucks’ new petite desserts

design seeds

Purl Bee

Promise Tangeman interview in Siren

Love the Schultzes

They Draw & Cook

National Stationary Show


Jon Acuff’s new blog

Flower magazine

Style Maker Quiz

Traveler’s Joy

Sabra’s Roasted Pine Nut Hummus

Donald Miller on creativity

Girl vs. Food

My Baking Addiction

{ 3.13.11 }

Jasmine Star, Love Your Story

Chipotle‘s edible ethics

Vince Lombardi

Gauntlet Hair, I Was Thinking

Open Source Photo

Proverbs 18:20 – 21 (The Message)

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  1. March 15, 2011 10:40 am

    I also love the flower magazine! I plan to buy it for my mother in law for mother’s day, she’s got a green thumb like nobody’s business. beautiful page!

  2. May 25, 2011 3:56 pm

    Beka, I’m so honored to be mentioned here! Thank you.

    • June 7, 2011 8:48 am

      Absolutely, Bryan! The wedding was beautiful, you did a great job capturing it! Hope you guys are doing wonderfully!

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