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July 10, 2012

Truth be told: this pains me a bit. A bit more than a bit. This blog is probably still my all-time favorite, even though I haven’t posted here in months. For whatever reason, I feel the most comfortable here. When I was writing here daily I felt like I was free to write about anything and everything. And I loved that! It’s something that I’m going to try to get back in the habit of over at my new website,

Over there, you’ll find the one-stop-shop I’ve been desperate for so I don’t have to direct people to an endless sea of websites. Here’s a quick tour of the pages you’ll find over there:

blogger : My main blog (Beka Stays) with a new name (A Beautiful Home)

writer : A writing portfolio

photographer : An I’m-indecisive-so-I-hope-you-have-time-to-look-at-200-pictures-or-so photography portfolio

creative : A list of other creative places where you can find me

food enthusiast : A short romance novel about food and a list of favorite recipes

football fanatic : A new blog about the basics of football for normal girls (!!!)

faith-filled risk-taking life-lover : An About page that reads like a Life Thesis

let’s talk : A contact form to get the conversation started.

I’m still going to keep this blog published because I come back here all the time to read old posts. (Really…I love this blog.) But from now on, all posting/pictures/portfolios will be at

I hope to see you there!

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