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august bucket : in review

September 1, 2011

Did you feel that? It was a shift in the space time continuum.

It had to be, because there is no other explanation for how I was able to complete more bucket list items this month – a month that elapsed so quickly I almost missed it – than any other month.

I’m flabbergasted.

Here’s the down low on August’s bucket list:

+ Start throwing cargo overboard. Something(s) has to go.

My ship has officially been alleviated of some substantial weight, in that I’m now only working one job per day. It’s so glorious I’m practically radiating joy. No more Anthropologie, a change in hours at the yoga studio, an addition of a nanny job, and a steady-to-light schedule of wedding weekends are the new employment combo. My new schedule isn’t in full swing yet, but it feels much better already!

+ Get a new (to me, not to the universe) car

Done, thanks to my parents, who found a vehicle on my behalf when I was working like crazy and couldn’t persuade any car dealerships that my convenient availability of pre-sunrise or post-midnight was actually convenient. They did all the groundwork and made all of the arrangements so all I had to do was foot the bill. I’m now the proud owner of a ’93 Ford Taurus, and couldn’t be happier with the selection. Thanks, Mom and Dad! I’m glad I don’t have to walk uphill both ways to work every day.

+ Make a terrarium and attempt to sustain its life for more than one week

This didn’t happen, although it is on schedule for September. And I did manage to keep a basil plant alive…for 2 weeks. I’ll take what I can get!

+ For the love of all that is produce…GO TO THE PUBLIC MARKET ALREADY. For those of you keeping score at home, this item has officially been on the list for 4 months. Good grief.

I made up for letting this one fall to the wayside 4 times by going to 4 different farmers markets in August: the Public Market, the Gates Chili Market, the market that meets in the church parking lot near Roberts, and one I nearly drove past yesterday in Pittsford. AND I just found out today that there’s a farmers market literally a block away from my apartment on Wednesday afternoons/evenings…and now I’ll be able to go because I actually have free time during daylight hours again! Life is so good.

+ Make a list of nearby restaurants/stores/places to visit – new ones and old favorites.

SO done. And I’m already making progress on visits. This should surprise no one.

+ Edit and post all outstanding weddings, engagements, and personal photos.

This one is SO CLOSE to being done. I need one more day to finish up personal photos, but weddings and engagements are all caught up! It involved me literally locking myself inside the apartment for hours on end, but it was so worthwhile.

+ Find a 10k and start training! I’m so excited about this one…I legitimately miss running!

Done! Pound the Ground on October 22nd here I come. AND I also purchased a trial membership to a gym where I’ve been taking classes, including a weight lifting class from a woman who I can only imagine must have had a very successful career as a drill instructor. I can also imagine that she did not appreciate my laughter, which I could not control despite my best efforts.

September’s list is coming soon, along with something new and fun!

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