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thank yous, happy news, and bucket listings

August 11, 2011

You guys are some kind of wonderful.

Your comments and emails and texts and general vibe of support were precisely the life preserver I needed when I was up to my eyeballs in the Sea of Overwhelmed the other day. I’m using that life preserver to float around for awhile (kind of like one of those lazy river rides at amusement parks…aren’t they the best on a hot summer day?!) and get some distance and perspective on my dang busted up ship. (But at least now I remember that I’m not the captain. Thanks, Mary!)

Since I’ve had so many cheery anecdotes to share lately, I figured I owe you all some actual good news. It is as follows:

1. I’m typing to you right now in FREEDOM! That sounds far more dramatic than it needs to, like I’ve just escaped from captivity on a remote island nation. But still, Job #1 let me leave 2 hours early today…not because I’m a really awful employee but because they needed to cut back on overall hours…which was more than fine by me. And since I’m ridiculous and bring everything I own everywhere I go, I had my laptop with me! So I’m currently sitting in the Pittsford Wegmans, snacking on fruit and a Swiss Chocolate Chunk cookie and catching up on the world. Or at least the one that lives on the internet.

2. Remember on the road trip when I went to the place in Mississippi with the pumpkin whoopie pies? Probably not, since (I hope) you have better things to do with your extra brain space than store records of my super-nutritional breakfast choices. But guess what?! We have a Corner Bakery, the aforementioned whoopie pie retailer, in Rochester! We almost have one, is what I actually should say. I walked in and felt slightly out of place…and then realized they don’t open until Monday…which is why all of the tables were empty and everywhere else was wearing Corner Bakery t-shirts. Luckily I was only barging in with four large bags attached to my shoulders, so it’s not like I was an obvious intruder or anything. But the owners were really nice about it; they even invited me to friends and family night tomorrow! I love nice people.

3. Speaking of barging in…I totally walked in on someone who was in the middle of changing clothes when I was cleaning out fitting rooms yesterday at work. I was under the assumption that the room was empty. Clearly, it was not. And clearly, the 4 hours of sleep I’m amassing each evening are really working for me. That, or I’m just accident-prone by nature. It’s probably the latter.

And finally, some August bucket items for you. Better late than never!

+ Start throwing cargo overboard. Something(s) has to go.

+ Get a new (to me, not to the universe) car

+ Make a terrarium and attempt to sustain its life for more than one week

+ For the love of all that is produce…GO TO THE PUBLIC MARKET ALREADY. For those of you keeping score at home, this item has officially been on the list for 4 months. Good grief.

+ Make a list of nearby restaurants/stores/places to visit – new ones and old favorites.

+ Edit and post all outstanding weddings, engagements, and personal photos.

+ Find a 10k and start training! I’m so excited about this one…I legitimately miss running!

Thanks again for being the best friends and blog readers a girl could ask for. I’ll keep you posted on my seafaring ways!

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  1. Michelle permalink
    August 12, 2011 11:35 am

    So glad to hear you’re doing better! You will get through the rest of the summer swimmingly!

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