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fringe (fried) benefits

July 11, 2011

I’ve noticed something. There has been a sad lack of food-related posts lately. And what a tragedy that is! So we’re rectifying that with a whole week’s worth of culinary quests. Think of it as a blog buffet!

And were starting off with something especially scrumptious…

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my weekend job as an assistant for the pure love of learning more about photography. And trust me…I’m learning LOADS and loving every minute. But sometimes there are fringe benefits to this gig, like getting to meet wonderful people, visiting gorgeous venues, sampling a deliciously wide array of wedding cakes…

…and going to Doug’s Fish Fry.

Pre-Saturday, I had no idea Doug’s existed. I was naive to the humble corner store in Skaneateles, NY. And my life would have continued on in ignorance had I not been granted the luxury of a mid-day lunch run complete with a Doug’s recommendation.

The menu is small – and while we’re talking about it, aren’t all good menus? Successful people know what they do well (and not just well, but better than anybody else) and stick to that instead of trying to be everything to everyone. There’s a goldmine of wisdom in that, I’d say. But wise business practices aside, Doug’s success was evident from the line out the door and around the corner. This place was hoppin! They offer a few sandwiches, soups/sides, and dinners. I ordered the the fish sandwich, pictured above in all of it’s bun-overtaking glory. Seriously…the amount of fish was at least double, if not more than, the size of the bun.

It was quantity…but people…it was also quality. Oh, the quality!

I started chowing down with the fish sandwich staple, tartar sauce, as my sole condiment, but half way through my curiosity got the best of me and I switched to the honey curry sauce, which will go down as one of the better decisions I’ve ever made. No kidding, someday in the future I will drive the 90 minutes it takes to get to Skaneateles from Rochester just for another fish sandwich with honey curry sauce.

Doug, you rock. (And John, you do too.)

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