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weekend wonder : not a nomad

July 8, 2011

Last week I was not a hermit. This week I’m not a nomad.

As of next weekend, I’ll have an address again for the first time in a year! An ADDRESS! I can order new checks! I can receive mail! I can have all of my earthly possessions in one location! I can know where I’ll be for the next 12 months!

It’s been an amazing year – full of perfect endings and crazy roadtripping and much-needed time at home and joyful returns. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to experience a year of complete uncertainty, where I had to rely on faith alone at every turn, and where I was blessed by the generosity of so many kind-hearted people along the way. But after a year of house-hopping, I’m beyond ready to have a place to call home again. I can’t wait to settle in…decorate…UNPACK for good…and sign a guestbook with something other than a question mark (apologies to all of my friends who have gotten married in the past year and and now have “unknown” permanently etched next to my name).

To the many wonderful people who have put a roof over my head during this past year of wanderlust: thank you from the bottom of my here/there/everywhere heart. Know that you’ll always be more than welcome to come share my new roof in the city should you ever find yourself needing a place to stay. Especially if you ever find yourself needing a meal of any kind, since I’m more excited about having a permanent kitchen again than I am about having a permanent residence. I may forgo the bedroom all together and just put my bed in the pantry (not unlike this section of the roadtrip, when I also slept in a pantry (true story)).

Pictures/details to follow at some unknown point in the future!

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