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July 7, 2011

Strange things are happening to me. I suddenly like weddings. I’m not a hermit. And in a complete antithesis to everything I thought I knew about myself…I’m dying to throw a party.

…a party?


…me who groans at the thought of attending a party?

…me who breaks into hives at the prospect of hosting social gatherings of any kind?

Yep! That’s me! And recently the only things on my mind are paper lanterns and pie bars and a gaggle of good friends.

It’s so weird.

Maybe it’s because I’m apartment searching and the thought of decorating and nesting has me bursting at the seams with enthusiasm. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been attending so many weddings lately that the thought of gathering friends and family under the setting summer sun seems like the best idea since sliced marshmallows (be still my little s’more lovin’ heart!) Whatever the reason, party fever has taken hold of me. And since the actual occurrence of such an event is unrealistic at this particular time in life, I turned to the one resource I can always depend on to fulfill my currently unfulfillable dreams: Pinterest.

So off to Pinterest I went to start collecting pins for my imaginary summer party. And I think I surfaced with some gems! For the best viewing results, I’d recommend going straight to Pinterest to see the board in it’s entirety (right here). That way each pin gets the individual attention it deserves and you can get inspired to start your own summer party board and be completely immersed in pinning for hours on end. But for a quick overview, please see below!

summer dahlias

succulent centerpiece

pie bar

mason jar drinks

cola tub



grilled corn on the cob

ice cream sundae bar


pulled pork

summer seating

bottles and straws


mason jars

s’more favors

popsicle invites

paper lanterns

Is anyone out there having a summer party? And if so what are your plans so I can live vicariously through you?

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  1. Meg permalink
    July 7, 2011 3:30 pm

    Beka! I had a giagantic surprise 25th anniversary party for my parents at our house about a month ago, complete with white christmas lights all over our pool fence and bushes, paper lanterns, their wedding flowers in mason jars and everywhere, tealights on every surface (and floating in the pool) and sticks with be-ribboned directions to things like coffee and dessert all over the place! Coulda used (or contributed to) a post like this a while ago… ha! (Of course, in planning and executing said party, I neglected to take any pictures. whoops.)

    If you do throw a party, puh-LEASE invite me over to help decorate. I love pretty parties.

    • July 8, 2011 10:53 am

      oh my word! that sounds amazing!!! and i think party or no party, we need to get together asap to talk about photography and senior year and all things austrian. we might need to block off an extra long coffee date since we have whole countries and careers to discuss :)

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