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july : bucket

July 6, 2011

July is going to be a big month. I’m starting my full time job at Anthropologie in addition to working 3 nights a week at breathe and assisting on weddings every weekend. I’ll also be moving. I’ll also be questioning my sanity.

But not really. I fully understand that this new schedule of working an exorbitant amount every week is on the verge (if not slightly over the edge) of being too much. It has the potential to break me into a million exhausted pieces. But it also has the potential to be a great growth opportunity, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I’m doing three things that speak to the heart of my (sometimes obscure) career-related interests. Personally, I’ll be hard-pressed to find time to do the things that make my life meaningful – spending time with God, connecting with friends and family, cooking, reading magazines, working out – which means I’ll be faced with the necessity of using time wisely and effectively. I may also have to loosen my white-knuckled grasp on my independence as I learn to rely on the Lord for the stamina I’ll need to live a truly fruitful life. As daunting as it is to look at my work week and realize I’m essentially working double the time in a normal full-time schedule, I’m looking forward to this season of new blessings and challenges.

With that in mind, my bucket list for July contains mundane items that usually wouldn’t make the cut. They’re not ambitious or goal-oriented. They won’t make anyone gasp in excited expectation. But they are the things that could easily get lost in the shuffle once I’m in the midst of a jam-packed schedule. They’re also the things that are most vital to keeping my zest for life in tact.

This month, I’m hoping to do the following:

+ write down a meaningful verse from each morning’s bible reading to keep close throughout the day

+ eat nectarines, corn on the cob, pulled pork, and soft serve twists with rainbow sprinkles

+ read this month’s whole living, martha stewart living, food network, food & wine, and everyday food (potentially on lunch breaks at work)

+ take 15 – 20 new pictures that are just for the personal enjoyment of photography

+ work out 4 days a week; go to yoga once a week

+ blog!

+ keep up with google reader (possibly while winding down at night before bed)

+ go somewhere (anywhere!) outside of Rochester for a one day vacation

+ make a summer dessert and invite friends over to share it

+ skype with my parents once a week

+ serve other people – whether that means volunteering or just doing random acts of kindness – and keep a healthy perspective on things that actually matter

+ spend carefree time in the sunshine, enjoying summer, once a week

And that’s a wrap!

(For the record, I could also add “have a classic 4th of July” and check it off because I totally did. But since that’s kind of a cop out I’ll just tell you all about it sometime soon. Like you’d expect anything else!)

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