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weekend recap

June 13, 2011

Happy Monday, peeps! Here’s the weekend Top 40 10.

10 -Deciding I’m about 90% sure I want to run a 10k this fall. It seems like a happy distance for someone such as myself who does not necessarily want to endure the trials and tribulations of running another half marathon but would like more of a challenge than a 5k. (Anyone know of a good race within a few hour radius? Or a good race elsewhere that would make a good excuse to travel?)

9 – This weekend’s eclectic entertainment mix: the Packers Super Bowl DVD, Oprah’s farewell shows, Boy Meets World Season 4, The O.C. Season 3, and the NBA Finals – congrats, Mavs!

8 – Discovery of new (to me) blogs: annie’s eats (love the site design) and daily garnish

7 – Cinnamon graham pretzels and red, blue, and yellow popcorn from the Red Bird Market in Fairport

6 – Going to Northgate for the first time in weeks (!!!)

5 – I know how pathetic frozen dinners are, but yesterday I was craving comfort food and my good friend Amy totally delivered with this hearty number. So good!

4 – Two new bags of coffee from Leaf & Bean. Life is good.

3 – Reviving a favorite playlist from last summer

2 – Catching up on magazines and magazines and magazines and magazines and magazines…and online magazines…and more magazines (it’s an illness, really)

1 – Shooting a wedding, the first of the summer!!! Can’t wait to share more soon!

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  1. June 16, 2011 12:03 am

    Well Michael and I are doing a 5K for Kiwanis in support of breast cancer survivors in August. Feel free to come back and visit/run even though it is only 5K :-) Miss You

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