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nectarine fields forever

June 8, 2011

If I could live in a place where nectarines were in season all year long, I absolutely would. (And if someone leaves a comment that nectarines actually are in season all year long in say, I don’t know, sunny, wonderful California – home of extraordinary vacation spots, center of culinary wonderfulness, setting of my new (healthy and completely under control) obsession with The OC – I will need to be put on lockdown so I don’t make a beeline for the airport to take the first flight out.)

The first nectarines of the season arrived at Wegmans recently. I would tell you that when I saw them beaming like spheres of golden manna from heaven I kept my cool whilst adding a few to my shopping cart, but that would be a lie. Because what happened, of course, is that I screamed “OH MY WORD!!!” in the middle of Wegmans to the surprise and dismay of the other patrons surrounding me. There may also have been jumping. And arm raising.

You know, there are probably worse things to get excited over…

Appropriate level of enthusiasm or not, I unabashedly love nectarines. Peaches are great too, but pale in comparison to the tart flavor and instant edibility of nectarines. And the SMELL. The whole business makes me inordinately happy.

Pictured above was last night’s dessert: a diced nectarine topped with whipped cream, which ended up being garnished with sliced basil as a finishing touch. It was amazing. As Joey would say, summer in a bowl.

For other nectarine flavored inspiration, I turned to Pinterest, as always. Here’s what I found:

…image credits…

nectarine basil lemonade

creamy white nectarine ice cream

nectarine cream cheese tartlets

nectarine tart

…image credit…

nectarine blueberry caramel pie


honey peach ice cream

nectarine pizza with basil and balsamic

(I can’t wait to try that pizza!)

Of course, Martha never fails on the inspiration front either. Here’s what she had to offer:

summer fruit salad

nectarine cupcakes

baked nectarines

french toast with red wine nectarines

This nectarine upside down cake (from what I still contend is the best edition of Everyday Food ever) was blogged about last summer, but deserves a second showcase this year.

Any other favorite nectarine/peach/stone fruit recipe inspirations? Leave ’em in the comments if you’ve got ’em!

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  1. June 8, 2011 10:08 pm

    I just bought one nectarine last week (because they were 3.49 or something atrocious a pound). It was the most delicious nectarine EVER. I made a peach pie last year (with nectarines) and it was just the most delicious. Gluten-free crust and all! I bought them from the dollar bin at my local fruit stand because they were so very ripe that if you didnt just use them that day, they would spoil. PERFECTION! Your delicious picture made me want to go buy a dozen nectarines!


  1. food : nectarine pizza «

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