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weekend recap

June 6, 2011

This weekend was a sunny wonderland. It was so sunny (70% of the time). It was so wonderful (100% of the time). It was as follows:

Friday turned out to be more Californian than expected! It was a beyond beautiful day – so beautiful, in fact, that I underestimated the intensity of the sun. A mistake that looked like this on Friday:

and this on Saturday morning.

Point me towards the claws; I’m part lobster. However, I couldn’t be happier with my scorched skin. It’s the first sign of summer! Soft ice cream and dinner on the grill and fresh stone fruit galore! Long weekends and long nights and weather that does not necessitate multiple layers on top of the regular number of layers! Watermelon! Fireworks! Roadtrips! SUMMER!

Saturday ushered in Friday’s intended Pittsford trip even though it wasn’t a bright and cheery morning. Luckily, strawberry crepes are delicious in any kind of weather. The rest of the day was full of productive errand running…including checking off a bucket item…lunch at Open Face!

More to come on that one later. Much more!

On Saturday night I started to make dinner. And by make dinner, I mean pour salad dressing on the leftover salad from Open Face. And as I began to pour, with the sun streaming in through the window for the first time all day, a voice in the back of my head said, “You know…it’s probably nice enough outside to go for a run…” I did not want any part of that. So I rebutted with the following: 1. I’m hungry. 2. I don’t want to go for a run. 3. I don’t have to be a fitness legalist; I can miss a day or two of working out. 4. Sunburn + friction = pain. 5. As previously discussed, I’m hungry. And the dressing is already on top of the salad which means this baby needs to be consumed pronto. Immediately if not sooner.

And then I remembered that stupid commitment post I wrote a few weeks ago, a post that featured the healthy ashley quote, “Commitment is rain or shine. It’s good or bad. It’s facing all your strengths and weaknesses every day and committing that whether you feel like king of the world or the smallest creature in the world, you will follow through.” To which I rebutted with a long and loud, “UGHHHH,” because at that point I knew there was no turning back. I was going for a run. The rest of the night was doomed to be internally unpleasant if I didn’t follow through after being so clearly convicted. It wasn’t a long run by any means; it was basically a glorified lap around the block, not even 2 miles circling the perimeter of campus. But you know what? You do know what. You know and I know that when I came back from my begrudged workout, I felt much better about the world at large. It wasn’t about the distance; it was about making the effort. I felt like someone who does what they set out to do instead of someone who makes excuses. Vince Lombardi said that once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit. That is absolutely true, but the reverse may be even more meaningful – that once you learn to commit, it becomes a habit. I’m one sentimental line away from going full-blown sappy so I’ll stop here…but I’ll continue to keep in mind that commitment pays dividends beyond the initial action; it paves the pathway for repeated future success, too. (Side note, my salad was not soggy and inedible when I returned. Shocking, I know!)

Sunday was packed to the brim with lovely people and places! It was a solid 10 hours of friends and food and PERFECT weather…and really, you can’t ask for more than that.

Monday Motivation:

That’s motivation enough for me! Have a great Monday!

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  1. June 8, 2011 9:56 pm

    Eek – I’ve had too many of those sunburns (and I’m still white as a sheet) that I just always wear sunscreen – I refuse to have a painful nose and shoulders. (I think I’m becoming immune to the smell of sunscreen, which worries me). I went to Florida this past week and somehow managed not to get sunburned at all (success!) but….Florida got me out of my regular exercise routine (…unsuccess.). One of the reasons I started working out is to practice committing; it can be a difficult thing! I like the view of committing and quitting as habits; that’s a smart way of looking at it. Unfortunately, travels to New Hampshire force me to break my new habits again this weekend. Sorry, bicycle – until next week.

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