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wedded bliss : part III

June 3, 2011

These are quickly turning into my favorite posts every week. Here’s part III of Wedded Bliss! (And here’s part I and II are here and here, if you feel so inclined.)

California, you are so beautiful. And if we ever meet again, I’d like to meet here, at The Condor’s Nest Ranch. It’s the perfect venue for weddings, family gatherings, or just lunch on a Tuesday afternoon. The couple below must feel the same way, which is a good thing for everyone since their wedding is all kinds of gorgeous.

image credit : katie neal photography

post credit : green wedding shoes

Another gorgeous California wedding…which is kind of like saying “another delicious slice of chocolate cake.” It goes without saying. It’s just the nature of chocolate cake; it’s naturally delicious. California weddings are naturally gorgeous. I love the deep purples in this one!

image credit : ashley rose photography

post credit : style me pretty [california]

And here we continue with…another California wedding! But this time it’s not the perfect light from the sunny skies that gets me, it’s the gorgeous contrast of the black bridesmaids dresses with the bright bouquets! The succulent selection is perfection. (And there’s your daily dose of wedding flower poetry. You’re welcome.)

image credit : captured by aimee

post credit : style me pretty

Surprise! This one is not from California, AND it’s the best of the bunch today, in my opinion. The venue? The details? The bursting with vibrancy floral arrangements?!?! This wedding is so, so beautiful. I could did look through the pictures all day long.

image credit : the nichols

post credit : style me pretty

That’s a wrap for Part III…expecting Part IV next week is a pretty safe bet. (And expecting me to discontinue the Roman numerals sooner rather than later is also a safe bet. Once we get to the teens I’m pretty much a goner.)


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