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weekend recap

May 30, 2011

This weekend was a weekend of firsts. They are as follows:

  • I ordered something that was not coffee at Starbucks. It felt like the ultimate betrayal. But I’ve been a bit under the weather and it was a cold and miserable day and I really wanted a hot cup of tea with honey. Blasphemy, I know. So I denied my usual lineup of caffeinated orders and went for tea instead. (Which, as it turns out, is a real penny saver…by like 400 pennies. Who knew?!)
  • Bethany and I made the inaugural trip to Lugia’s for the year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lugia’s, it’s basically a mecca for ice cream lovers everywhere. First, there must be at least a hundred flavors/options to choose from. They boast quite the selection of Perry’s ice cream – that’s right, the same Perry’s that brought you cake batter, muddy sneakers, and my personal favorite, panda paws. But even though the quality is something to write home about it’s really all about the quantity at Lugia’s. Order a small and you’ll take it back, thinking they mistakenly gave you a super-sized large. Nope…that’s a small. A small town’s allotment of food for the day, perhaps, but a small nonetheless. Luckily, for those who do not wish to go home a dress size larger, they also offer kiddie and baby sizes, the latter of which Bethany and I opted for. She decided on coconut mango while I went for the classic soft serve twist with rainbow sprinkles. A well-loved summer staple.
  • This one is exciting, and a bit of a newsflash. I’ve been granted the phenomenal opportunity to work as John Larkin’s assistant this summer, which means that along with assisting I’ll also able to watch, learn and grow from an extremely talented and knowledgeable professional. It’s one of those big-time blessings that leave me simultaneously speechless and wanting to shout/sing/dance from the rooftops. But before I break out the rows and rows of exclamation points I’ll just stop here and tell you that yesterday was the first wedding I came along for and I am so far past elated about this opportunity that I can’t even see elated in the distance anymore. I’m in a whole new world of enthusiasm. (For those of you who also share my penchant for relating everything back to a Friends quote (cough, cough…Morgan) this is a “the line is a dot to you!” moment.)

Monday Motivation = Memorial Day Gratitude. Here are three excellent reminders of what Memorial Day really means from three of my favorite inspirational leaders: Pioneer Woman’s flashback to last year’s Coming Home photography assignment, Jasmine Star’s recounting of her father’s immigration story, and Lara Casey’s heartfelt thank you to servicemen and women everywhere.

Here’s to a beautiful, memorable Memorial Day spent in freedom thanks to the sacrifices of strangers, friends, and family.


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