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the commitment question

May 11, 2011

Technically, I’m cheating today. I’m borrowing an item from the inspired page to blog about on the main page. But it’s too important to go unnoticed, so I feel justified in bringing it to your attention twice.

What are you 100% committed to? Such is the question posed by Ashley of the popular health and fitness blog Healthy Ashley. As she says,

“Commitment is hard. Commitment is rain or shine. It’s good or bad. It’s facing all your strengths and weaknesses every day and committing that whether you feel like king of the world or the smallest creature in the world, you will follow through. Commitment isn’t about being perfect, but it’s a whole lot of work.

To be 100% committed to running I’ll have to face myself as I am and I haven’t been strong enough lately to accept that challenge. I’ve been telling myself a story that I’m not good enough. It’s a story that let’s me check Facebook instead of running five miles and to cut my long run in half just because.”

Welp. Color me convicted.

The whole post it definitely worth a read, I’d highly recommend giving it a once over!

I’m pondering this question today. What am I really, truly, 100% committed to every day? I think it’s critically important to know the answer.

And you? What are you 100% committed to? Shout it out in the comments if you know!

[image credit: sheena’s this i believe pinboard on pinterest]
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  1. Marissa permalink
    May 11, 2011 1:24 pm

    I totally loved that blog she wrote and espically the part about commitment.


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