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bucket : may

May 4, 2011

I have high hopes for May. They may be too high…but I’m throwing them out there anyways.

+ land a job (anyone need a blogger? a baker? a nice picture-taker? how about a magazine-fiend? a productivity-machine? a cheesehead who bleeds gold and green? I can do all of those things!)

+ draw straws, select a name from a hat, throw a dart on the map…do anything necessary to decide on a geographic location in which to plant myself for AT LEAST 2 years. this nomad is growing weary of constant movement.

Since those bucket items are fairly daunting, the rest of the list is lighter in nature:

+ april extension: hopefully may will present more opportunities for this season’s first public market trip

+ april extension: go to open face for lunch

+ i’ve heard wonderful things about good luck – a dinner visit is officially on the list!

+ another recipient of recent raves: parkleigh

+ i’m in a workout rut. it’s time to mix things up (using these awesome suggestions from carrots ‘n’ cake)

+ just say no to sugary snacking after dinner/dessert. opting for healthy food at night makes for better evenings AND better morning workouts! win-win.

And that’s a wrap. It’s a short list, but it’s like taking AP courses in high school. It changes the way your GPA is calculated. This list is weighted differently than a normal bucket list since the first two items bear more importance than trying new restaurants and subduing my sweet tooth.

Here’s to a sunny and successful May!

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