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april bucket : in review

May 3, 2011

Oh, the April bucket. Coincidentally enough, it kind of kicked the bucket. April went by so quickly! But the spirit of the list was met in most cases. Let’s review:

+ go to the Flour City Diner for breakfast (and decide what I want in advance so it’s not 6pm by the time I order)

No Flour City Diner this month. Finding a free Saturday morning to go (they’re only open for brunch on weekends) turned out to be an impossible task. But, in the spirit of visiting a new breakfast joint, I did try Hicks & McCarthy in Pittsford when the ‘rents were here for Easter. And it was outstanding!!! Everyone loved their respective orders – Dad’s smoke salmon omelet, Mom’s spinach omelet, and my big ole Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. Long live dessert for breakfast.

+ go to Open Face (same ordering rules apply)

Yeah…also not accomplished. BUT, a new lunch spot was discovered, this one also during the Easter family reunion. We ventured over to the Fruit & Salad Company’s new location in Bushnell’s Basin. Holy options! So many different soup, sandwich, and salad combos. Healthy food + big portions = happy campers.

+ take a cooking class – possibly this one, or maybe this one!

This is getting shameful. I tried to register for both classes but someone swooped in and stole the last spots because I can’t make a decision to save my life and waited until the last possible minute to sign up.

+ go to a yoga class once a week

50% on this one…there was the infamous butt class and the fabulously free class at lululemon. So if my goal had been to go to a yoga class every other week, I would have accomplished it.

+ prove that the half-marathon was not just one lucky run and match it mile for mile a year later (this would be earth-shattering)

I am such a loser this month. The closest I got was multiple 10 milers, but I’ll continue upping the mileage as the weather gets nicer (hypothetically, considering Rochester’s “spring” antics).

+ get a box of ravioli from The Ravioli Shop

FINALLY. I actually did this. And will be doing it again asap.

+ say goodbye to clothes from high school and college and update my wardrobe with new spring things!

Yes!!! Another one done, as per the wardrobe week documentation.

+ make this spring’s first trip to the public market

This one is Rochester’s fault. April’s cold and dreary weather left something to be desired in the fresh produce department, and there were no warm and sunny Saturday mornings in which to venture out. This one will definitely get bumped to May, hopefully with frequency!

+ swap TV as background entertainment while doing work in exchange for more music, talks & sermons, and silence

A valiant effort…but I love Gilmore Girls too much. And the Food Network. And ESPN.

+ celebrate the beauty of Easter in a meaningful way

This one was definitely accomplished. I love Easter.

+ honorary item : go to Ben and Jerry’s on April 12th for FREE CONE DAY!!!

If it involves ice cream you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to get checked off the list! Thanks, Ben & Jerry!

Survey Says: Tattoo an F on my forehead; I totally failed April’s Bucket List. Well, not totally. Maybe I can trade in the F for a D+ since some items were accomplished and others were attempted. But definitely not my finest goal-achieving moment.

Stay tuned tomorrow for May’s list…which already stands a better chance for success considering it’s predecessor!


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