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weekend recap

May 2, 2011

Did anyone else feel like Rip Van Winkle this weekend? I feel like I woke up on Saturday and suddenly, it was not only the last Saturday of April but the last day of April. Perish the thought! Wasn’t I just lamenting the length of March? What I wouldn’t do for a little of that length now!

All meaningless fretting aside, it was a good weekend.

  • Saturday was…wait for it…sunny! Miracles do happen. Which is a good thing, since the next few days look like this:


  • Last year I found this wonderful little park while biking on the Canal…and now I can’t remember where it is. I tried to find it again on Saturday and can only conclude that it picked up it’s many roots and moved to an undisclosed location. But all was not lost; I did find THIS PLACE:

Feast your eyes upon the Powder Mills Fish Hatchery! They raise trout and salmon to release into local streams so that the fish population remains steady for Rochester-area fishermen. The coolest part: they have canisters of food pellets available so that kids (and childlike adults) can feed the fish! It was like a free trip to a mini outdoor aquarium. (And a perfect way to vicariously celebrate my Dad’s birthday from across the state – who taught me how to fish long before I learned how to ride a bike or spell my name. I’m looking forward to our fishing trips this summer! Happy Birthday, Dad!!!)

  • Every April I’m surprised when the buds start to burst. Somehow I forget that leaves grow on tress during half a year of leafless limbs. But that just makes it a nicer surprise when they bloom!

  • Every time I decide not to bring my camera somewhere I always end up taking pictures with my phone. And every time it reminds me how much I love taking pictures just for the sake of taking pictures, just for documenting the beauty of every day. It’s a wonderful reminder.
  • This weekend I had the first of what is sure to be many nightmares about Thanksgiving. Not because I fear turkey, but because I fear Fairley. More specifically, I fear the Packers playing in Detroit on Thanksgiving against Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley, whom the Lions acquired in the first round last Thursday. Spoiler: the Lions are going to be good this year. (Of note in the Packers draft: I LOVE the first round pick of OT Derek Sherrod, and love the selection of multiple offensive weapons even more. I think this was a great draft for the Pack (thanks to draft genius and GM Ted Thompson), and I’m glad Fox Sports agrees!)
  • It turns out that months of cursing the rolling inclines of the treadmill programmed to Random were actually worth it, since the transition to outdoor running seems like it’s going to be much easier this year than last year. But let’s keep in mind that my transition last year was a half-marathon, so this year’s first outdoor 3 miler was bound to be smoother sailing.
  • Speaking of half-marathons…

This time around I got to be a spectator and cheer on Marissa as she crossed the finish line with gusto!!! Way to go, Ris!!!

  • It was so much fun to stand on the sidelines and watch everyone run past – some joyously, some in agony, some in between. One woman grabbed her tiny son from the crowd and ran the last stretch with him, hand in hand. I may or may not have teared up a bit. And being in attendance may or may not have lit a fire under me to possibly, maybe, someday do another half.
  • Sunday held one more field trip, this time to Splatters in Spencerport to paint pottery! Since it was a Living Social deal last week everyone and their brother was there to take advantage of the coupon on a rainy weekend. But it was still so therapeutic! Painting is extraordinarily relaxing for me…designing, however, stresses me out a little bit more. As poor Kelsey witnessed. Our Social outing became a lot less social when it came time to focus on colors and design.  It’s just so permanent! And there as so many options! I think it all turned out well, though I’ll be impatiently waiting to see how it looks once it’s fired and ready to take home.

Monday Motivation:

“Be what you would seem to be – or, if you’d like it put more simply – never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.”

– The Dutchess, Alice in Wonderland

Amen, sister friend.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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