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weekend wonder : simple joys

April 30, 2011


A few nights ago I was turning in for the night and was about to turn the last light off when I noticed how pretty these two daffodils looked in the soft, low light. Kudos to whichever woodland creature chewed on their stems and dropped them at my door; they’ve added lovely life to my desk this week! (And more kudos to a crazy high ISO allowing me to snap pictures in almost complete darkness. Way to go, Canon!)


One of my RA’s brought a bag of jelly beans over for our meeting on Tuesday night and I can’t get over how pretty they are! Even though it kind of grosses me out to think about what jelly beans are actually composed of, the pretty pastels in the white bowl have put a smile on my face all week.

Here’s to a weekend filled with simple joys. Have a great one!

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