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wardrobe week : old navy

April 19, 2011

Oh, this is going to be fun…

Welcome to Wardrobe Week!

True story: I am not a frequent shopper. This is not because I am extraordinarily frugal. I just usually choose to spend extra money on food (eating out and groceries) and books (and magazines…and more magazines). Going clothes shopping is more of a luxury expense for me, so I don’t do it often.

Also…I hate trying things on. It’s time consuming and awkward and, if you’re a woman, 18 shades of terrifying.

But when surveying my closet recently, I realized that I’ve put off clothes shopping for longer than usual. And when I say longer than usual, I mean I haven’t updated my wardrobe in almost 3 YEARS. The last time I added a new collection was the summer after college when I was gearing up for life in the professional lane and stocked up on business attire. Since then I’ve picked up a few things here and there, but nothing to really write home (or Vogue) about.

And then one day, the truth settled in, seeping through the holes of my favorite sweatshirt from high school.

I was in a rut. I had settled into wearing the same tired, rotating outfits. I had become…say it with me now…


Which is so sad! I’m a creative person, and clothing is a daily opportunity to wear creativity. It’s like a walking inspiration board! And mine needed a drastic overhaul.

Since I knew it would be challenging for me to donate so much of my paycheck to new clothing, I started saving for a shopping spree. And since I also knew that those funds could easily be lured elsewhere (hello, Barnes & Noble) I committed in writing to updating my wardrobe in the April Bucket List.

Now, truth be told, I wasn’t expecting to come home with so many new items when I went shopping on Friday. Nor was I planning on making this excursion a feature on the blog. But people…I was bountifully blessed with great finds and AMAZING deals!!! No kidding…I still can’t believe it. So, in an effort to 1 – let you all know about good deals, 2 – document bucket list adventures, and 3 – keep the memory of this fun trip in mind for future reference when I am once again reluctant to buy new clothing, I give you Wardrobe Week!

My first stop…as always…was Old Navy. The land of classic staples. When I walked in and started picking items out, the friendly associates asked if I wanted a bag. And then a dressing room. And then a cart. Luckily, a few items were weeded out during the trying-on phase. But I did end up with a LOT of good stuff! Here’s what came home with me:

Ruffled Summer Dress

Original Price: $34.94

Price Paid: $27.00

Rockstar Cropped Skinny Jeans

Original Price: $29.50

Price Paid: $15.75

Rockstar Skinny Jeans

Original Price: $34.50

Price Paid: $17.10

Spring Short Sleeved Cardigan

Original Price: $29.94

Price Paid: $26.95

Tie Front Skirt

Original Price: $24.99

Price Paid: $6.29

Apron Skirt

Original Price: $17.99

Price Paid: $8.99

Lace Cami

Original Price: $12.50

Price Paid: $5.62

And that’s only the beginning! Stay tuned tomorrow for more from Wardrobe Week!


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