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weekend recap

April 11, 2011

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve never met a degree above freezing I didn’t like. And this weekend…finally…blessedly…the degrees were ALL above freezing!!! Since I have the potential to go on about this ad nauseum, we’ll dive right into the recap now.

  • Friday morning began with a trip to the Highland Park Diner. Had I not been so focused on getting inside to place my ginormous pancake order, I would have taken a picture of the outside. SO much fun – a retro trailer with a neon sign, very classic diner with classic diner food to match. My blueberry pancakes were top notch…and I may or may not have tried Marissa’s banana walnut pancakes…and if I did, I would have said they were also something to write home about.
  • The pancakes must have been as good as advertised, because afterward I went to the gym. And ran 10 miles. On a treadmill. In my new sneakers. Wow.
  • The Travel Channel should not be programmed onto the treadmill tv’s. It was the channel of choice on the empty treadmill next to me and the remote was too far away to reach…so I was subjected to frog dismemberment and snake slaughter while trying to pound out the miles. It did not help.
  • Most of the rest of Friday was spent watching Jasmine Star on CreativeLive. Really, I can’t even begin to tell you what a blessing this was. I could start to tell you, but I wouldn’t finish until next Friday. Being able to attend a 2-day online photography workshop given by one of the most successful wedding photographers in the business…for FREE…it’s just an outstanding resource and an opportunity I never would have had otherwise. Thank you so much, CreativeLive!!!
  • On Saturday, I returned the Ben & Jerry’s favor and introduced Kelsey to the wonderful world of The Ravioli Shop. (I think I should try to hyperlink the 2 remaining words in that sentence just so they don’t feel they out.) We followed that up with cookbook shopping at Barnes and Noble and dinner/grocery shopping at Wegmans. A better combo there could never be.
  • Saturday continued with more Jasmine Star bonding. I watched the replay until 1am and then decided that it was (regrettably) probably time to go to bed. Three years ago I would have called myself a wimp. Saturday night I called myself tired.
  • On Sunday morning at church Pastor Andy had us participate in an illustration. He asked us to get out our cell phones and show the person next to us a few pictures. The woman sitting next to me whipped out hers and said, “These are my 3 children!” I whipped out mine and said, “That’s my fruit tart from Wegmans!” There are no words.
  • After watching hours and hours of CreativeLive during the previous two days I felt a large void in my schedule on Sunday. I really missed being constantly inspired by the amazing and entertaining Jasmine Star. But I plowed on, filling the day with cleaning, baking, meetings, and…chaperoning a swing dance. That’s right. Be jealous.

Monday Motivation:

See that lens flare up the the left corner caused by that bright thing on the bottom right? What is that, anyway?

Oh, right. It’s the SUN.

I think we can safely say that spring has finally arrived in Western NY! And all of God’s tundra dwellers said: Amen.

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  1. April 11, 2011 4:36 pm

    Whohooo for the sun! WHAT a beautiful few days it has been.
    And being hyperlinked! :)

    So glad we ran into each other today.

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