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bucket : just do it

April 5, 2011

Oh yes, my friends. New sneaker day has finally arrived!

I tend to abide by the tortoise and hare method of decision making. Thoughts come to me as rapidly as a hare whizzing down the road…and then proceed at a tortoise’s pace. Literally. When I first contemplated getting new sneakers it was last March, a month before the half-marathon. Which was OVER A YEAR AGO.

I’m adding “make decisions in one calendar year” to the Life Bucket List.

Alas, when March came and went without the purchase of new sneakers, I was less than surprised. Mainly because 12 other months had also passed without the purchasing of new sneakers.

And, truth be told, I wasn’t even planning on making good on the March commitment this weekend. I went to the mall to do something else I’ve been putting off for about a year or two…clothes shopping! No luck there, mostly because it was a spontaneous trip after church and my mind was more focused on lunch than apparel. Which is usually the case.

In a stroke of good fortune I just happened to park in the lot outside of Dick’s Sporting Goods so when I exited the mall I walked through the store. And what should burst from the shelves in a blaze of green glory but these babies:




These literally leapt off of the shelf and into my arms. How could I say no to non-obnoxious GREEN sneakers?! As Nike says, I had to Just Do It. So I did.

Such a good decision.

Even if it was one year in the making.

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  1. April 5, 2011 5:15 pm

    these kicks are kickin! good job bdubs :)


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