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weekend recap

April 4, 2011

This weekend was lovely and long. It leaped and bounded over last weekend! Here’s the highlights:

  • “Welcome to Butt Week.” That was the opening line of my yoga class on Friday morning. No kidding. I secured a deal on Living Social to try 5 classes for $25 at a new studio, and since that meant kicking an item off of the April Bucket List I went for it! This studio is a bit different than the one I usually go to, as per the intro. The class that followed was just as odd as you would imagine a class that’s a part of Butt Week would be.
  • Barnes & Noble saw a lot of me over the weekend. As in, I think people were starting to think I was either a staff member or a drifter. And actually, this weekend did remind me of my road trip days because I spent most of it out and about. On Friday morning I packed a huge bag full of post-yoga clothes and snacks and things I might need throughout the course of the day (I’m still a portable hoarder…can’t kick the habit). Changing in restrooms, hanging out at random places all day, charging my laptop in the car, planning my route for the day around food (Balsam Bagels = a revelation). It’s odd that in only a few months I had already forgotten what it felt like to be a nomad. It was nice to remember that feeling; it made the road trip memories so much clearer. But it was even nicer still to have a place to come HOME to at the end of the day! I’m all for adventure, but at the end of the day I’m 110% homebody.
  • Let’s chat about something: Running is staging a COMEBACK in my life! Really, it’s coming back with a vengeance. I don’t know if it’s the promise of spring or the anniversary of the half-marathon, but I am loving my Saturday morning long runs like nobody’s business. So weird! So exciting! So hoping it continues!
  • There are two other items that are recap-worthy, but I’ll be sharing them later this week. I’d tell you now but you’d be so bored later on during their actual post days. And who wants that?

Monday Motivation:

The Butler Bulldogs. I love the blue collar mentality of this team, and this interview does a great job showcasing that. I will be rooting for them tonight!!!


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