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bucket : april

April 1, 2011

Welcome, April. I’m so glad you’re here! I hope you bring more sunshine than snow…but in the likely event that you do not, thanks for bringing other things, like holidays and birthdays and LOTS of amazing food. You’re one good month.

Let’s plan on doing some fun stuff while you’re around:

+ go to the Flour City Diner for breakfast (and decide what I want in advance so it’s not 6pm by the time I order)

+ go to Open Face (same ordering rules apply)

+ take a cooking class – possibly this one, or maybe this one!

+ go to a yoga class once a week

+ prove that the half-marathon was not just one lucky run and match it mile for mile a year later (this would be earth-shattering)

+ get a box of ravioli from The Ravioli Shop

+ say goodbye to clothes from high school and college and update my wardrobe with new spring things!

+ make this spring’s first trip to the public market

+ swap TV as background entertainment while doing work in exchange for more music, talks & sermons, and silence

+ celebrate the beauty of Easter in a meaningful way

I have to tell you…I am LOVING these lists! They are a perfect outlet for goals that are too big for a daily to-do list but too small for major project planning. It also makes me think about the month in advance and get excited about making the most of it. If you’re not in the habit of bucket listing, I’d say give it a whirl. It’s great!

Challenge Update:

Final two steps are coming today with a much longer review post to follow!


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