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march bucket : in review

March 31, 2011

On this the final day of March, let’s review the March bucket list:

+ ease the football drought and get into March Madness

Done! In fact, our big final game pizza party is on Monday. Nothing says getting into March Madness quite like a piles of people and pizza. And despite bringing up the rear in our bracket challenge, I’ve really enjoyed March Madness this year. I’ve watched some great games and fully intend on diving into Final Four mania this weekend.

+ have a relaxed weekend breakfast at Simply Crepes

This may have happened more than once. And may continue to happen indefinitely for as long as we both shall live (in Rochester). Amen.

+ make inaugural trip to Cheesy Eddie’s (and plan 27 more trips in the next week)

Cheesy Eddie’s and I are BFF’s. This one is most definitely done.

+ try dinner at Wegmans’ new Food Bar

This will also be a repeat offender. Next time, I’m bringing a friend and trying the vegetarian burger.

+ attempt a snowy walk along the Canal

SO done. Including a bonus two hour walk on the only day above 50 degrees.

+ make a crock pot of chili

Just finished the last freezer portion of chili last night! That crock pot lasted the whole MONTH. A true sign of bucket item greatness.

+ actually follow a recipe (it’s so hard…I always end up improvising)

Hold onto your hat…but I demolished this one on Tuesday and I have the photo evidence to prove it.

Yes, my friends, those cookies are recipe approved. Verbatim! Except for the pecans that I added.

+ redeem the days of long lost days of long runs

Killed this one with several 6 milers and an 8 mile run yesterday. DONE.

+ bite the bullet and buy new sneakers

As per aforementioned list item, this one really should have happened. No such luck. We’ll try again next month, perhaps as a commemorative half-marathon pair to celebrate 1 year post-race and still running?

+ visit the photography museum at the George Eastman House

Really…with locations like Simply Crepes and Cheesy Eddie’s and the Canal so readily available…this one always falls through the cracks. It may or may not make a reappearance on next month’s list.

Which, speaking of, the new April list will debut tomorrow! Mark your calendars, get up extra early, and adequately prepare for the excitement to come. As for March, I’d say 8 out of 10 ain’t bad.

Challenge Update:

I am PLOWING through the Challenge, people. All the way to Step 6 so far. I fully intend on going back through more thoroughly after this quick run is done. But it’s serving it’s purpose for now. I’m motivated and organized! I’m conquering irrational fears and to-do lists! I’m committed to not wasting time on internet distractions! I’m setting records in cookie eating! That last one goes against the grain, but it’s true. Apparently following the recipe produces delicious results. Who knew?

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  1. April 5, 2011 5:16 pm

    i will go to the Food Bar any time with you. And since I’m doing the vegan thing this month, a veggie burger sounds right up my alley!


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