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leprechaun juice and a pot of gold

March 17, 2011

It’s no secret that I love St. Patrick’s Day, mainly for all of the reasons listed here. But this year there are extra reasons to love this day. 1 – It’s supposed to be almost 60 DEGREES here today!!! I can see this bright round orb in the sky so I think it might actually be true! And 2 – I decided to make an “Irish” breakfast this morning:

(I realize that calling this smoothie Leprechaun Juice has the potential to make it seem even grosser than it already does…but it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so we’re going with it.)

I’m one of those freaks who gets up early to work out. I know. Crazy. But when I get home from the gym, be it St. Patrick’s Day or just a Tuesday, I almost always make one of these to refuel for the rest of the day. I realize it doesn’t look like something you’d want to chug first thing in the morning…but trust me on this one. It tastes amazing and you’ll feel so good for the rest of the day!

Lurking in that glass are the following:

+ Half of a frozen banana, peeled and sliced into chunks (Make sure you peel and slice the banana before you freeze it. I learned that the hard way. Almost lost a few fingers to frostbite trying to peel an ice cube.)

+ A handful (or two, if you’re feeling adventurous) of spinach

+ 1 Tbsp protein powder

+ 1/2 cup of coconut water (TONS of electrolytes, but feel free to use any fruit juice or none at all)

+ 1/2 cup of water

Blend and enjoy a GREAT start to the day!

This smoothie is unbelievably customizable. I’ve thrown in blueberries, raspberries, mixed berries, peanut butter, oranges…the list goes on and on. You’ll find tons of great recipes for these smoothies here, home of the original Green Monster.

I also had a bowl of Irish Oatmeal with my Leprechaun Juice – a bowl of Irish oats with vanilla, brown sugar, almonds, and dried apricots. A pot of gold!

(I would have taken a picture to share with you…but it was just too good. And I was hungry. And that was that.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Hope you all have a great day!


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