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inspiration station

March 15, 2011

Today I’d like to direct your attention to one of the fun new pages of this here blog: Inspired.

Inspired is a page you’ll find on the navigation bar above, nestled in between facts and food, and it holds wonderment galore. Anything that catches my eye, throws my brain into high gear, or fills my soul with exclamation points goes on this page. Which is a verbally redundant way to say it’s the space for a variety of inspirations.

I’ve been updating it weekly but forgot to mention that until now, which is why when I updated it yesterday I decided to keep the abbreviated versions of last week’s inspirations posted as archives. Until the list gets too out of control/I figured out a better way to organize the links, the archives of previous Inspired pages will live on the bottom of the page.

This week you’ll find a few new blogs, some wise insights, flowers, hummus, honeymoons, and a design quiz. Diverse, I know.

So hop to it! Check it out! And don’t forget to stop back often for new editions!

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