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searching for spring

March 10, 2011

Yesterday, the weatherman had this bit of cheery news to share:

“I hope you all enjoyed the brief sighting of the sun, because it likely won’t make another appearance until next week!”

No lie. Here’s the forecast:

It’s usually around this time of year that I start job searching in North Carolina, Florida, California, or any other location that receives direct sunlight in March. I’ve also been known to download beach themed screensavers, look for cheap flights to anywhere south, and patronize the Travel channel much more frequently than usual. Last year I even went so far as to run a half-marathon in Virgina. That’s desperation.

However, much easier than relocation or stumbling across a (very distant) finish line is doing a quick search on Pintrest.

You all know Pintrest by now, right? The website I’ve been raving about to anyone and everyone who will listen? The receiver of the majority of my spare/not-so-spare time? If you haven’t been convinced to give Pintrest a try yet, maybe this will do the trick…

Instead of packing my bags for the sunshine state I just hit up Pintrest and searched for spring. Oh, spring! Where art thou?

Apparently, thou art on Pintrest:

[dreaming of spring, curated by amaya san]

[spring, curated by creavera]

[Spring, curated by Ellen Hargrove]

[Spring, curated by molliemoon]

And just like that…the light has returned to the end of the tunnel! All it took was a little visual inspiration from our friendly friends at Pintrest. Amen and amen.

Seriously…give it a whirl! It’ll make your day!


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