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bucket: comfort chili

March 8, 2011

Yesterday, for reasons unbeknownst to me, was one of those days. You know, the kind that make a person contemplate life choices along the lines of monk or librarian. Something with very little interaction with the general public because that would probably be in the best interest of the world at large.

On those days, it’s nice to come home to a cozy dinner. Perhaps a nice big bowl of chili…

which I just happened to have in the fridge because I kicked it off the bucket list!

That’s right, making a crockpot of chili is officially the first item to come off of the March bucket list. Congratulations, chili. You were well worth the first round draft pick.

I used this recipe (and left out the Italian spices, because they just didn’t scream “chili” to me), which I found through the highly complex process of Googling “chili” and picking my favorite result. It was the first time I’ve used that recipe but it definitely will not be the last. What a gem! So easy, so fast, so many weeks worth of delicious dinners because I am just one person finishing off a crockpot of chili!

And for dessert…because it was a Monday…and a Monday at that…and because I really think I might be addicted…

S’mores! And lots of ’em!


1 – I’m lucky to have a friend like this one, who can end a “day” on such a positive note that it turns into a “day!”

2 – I’m thankful for bloggers like this one, whose posts are thought-provoking, well-timed, and authentic.

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  1. March 8, 2011 10:45 am

    Hey Girl, this sounds awesome. I made this chili that has a couple of fun ingredients, including sweet potatoes and cocoa powder. it’s real good, so next time you’re in the mood, give this one a go :)

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