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weekend recap

March 7, 2011

New week, new blog feature: the weekend recap. It’s a quick catch up session with a dose of Monday motivation at the end. Because let’s be honest, sometimes Mondays need a little help.

Weekends, however, need no assistance. Especially when they start like this:

1: I know we’ve already talked about this, but really…when a weekend starts with carrot cake oatmeal, there’s not much that can go wrong afterward.

2: And it’s true! Because immediately after breakfast I found a nice surprise in my bank account. I miscalculated my tax return and was credited a healthy sum by our fine friends at the Internal Revenue Service. That’s a mistake I’d be happy to make anytime. Every year, in fact.

3: Confession: When Chipotle first came to Rochester, I was such a hater. I had never been to one before but I couldn’t imagine a context in which it would live up to the massive amounts of hype it was receiving, especially from my coworkers at the time. Consequently, I did not go with them on opening day and wait in an hour-long burrito line. I also did not go on the next day, week, or month. I probably held out for a good 6 months before I finally swaggered into the joint, ready to declare my experience deciding not life-changing.

And then I took a bite of a burrito the size of my face. It was all over from there.

Fab friend and aforementioned coworker Morgan and I went to Chipotle on Saturday night, and let me tell you…it was a sweet reunion of all kinds.Thank the Lord for good friends and good food.

4. One of the coolest things I’ve experienced while taking pictures for people is actually seeing those pictures used in their real lives. And it happened twice this weekend! Once at a wedding shower for this lovely lady, and once as part of a wall mural in the home of this fantastic couple. So awesome!

5. Not so awesome: On Saturday night, I dreamt that it was spring. I was taking pictures of multicolored tulips beneath clear blue skies! There was a warm breeze! There was SUNLIGHT.

And then I woke up. To a winter storm warning.

Cruel and unusual punishment.

Which brings us to…

Monday Motivation!


People…this is good motivation. I have been all about the smores lately…ALL ABOUT.

Whipping up this dose of pure joy takes all of 5 minutes. Assemble graham cracker squares on a baking sheet, half with chocolate (I’ve used bars and chips, both work wonders…it’s chocolate, people, you can’t go wrong) and half with marshmallows (easy trick – twist the marshmallow in half and put the sticky sides down). Pop the baking sheet under the broiler for about a minute. But watch carefully, they go quickly! When the tops of the marshmallows are golden brown you’re good to go.


Perfection, and a tried-and-true cure for anyone battling a case of the Mondays! Have a good one, everybody.


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