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day 63: one last stop

November 7, 2010

To stay true to myself, I had no choice but to make one last stop on my way out of Dallas.

Cowboys Stadium was calling my name.

It’s a little known fact that before I came to my senses, I spent a short amount of my young life as a Cowboys fan. Please let the record show that this was a decision based on a 3rd grade crush and lasted all of a year or two. Once I hit the maturity of a double digit age I saw the light and became a Packers fan forever and ever, amen. But even though my allegiances are now otherwise engaged, it was still pretty amazing to see the largest domed structure in the world, home of Super Bowl XLV.

Barring a miracle – as in a plague taking out every other NFC team – the Cowboys will not be there. Sorry, Dallas faithful. It’s the truth. For now, just remember the glory days:

This stadium is insane. Between the 72 foot high screens…

retractable glass panels…

player entrance/exit that goes straight through the fans…

and the ultimate in game seating comfort…

they really pulled out all of the stops. Possibly the best feature? This pee wee championship game:

Have you ever seen anything cuter than that?

(As a side note, I’d also like to state that this experience made me appreciate the Packers organization even more. When I visited Lambeau I encountered an authentic family atmosphere. You could tell that every employee was there because they truly love the Packers and shared a special bond as a result. There was also no nickel-and-diming going on; I never felt like I was just another walking dollar bill, but instead felt like a valued fan. There was none of that at Cowboys Stadium. It was undeniably grandiose, but lacked the heart of Lambeau. Just another reason to be a lifelong Packer Backer.)

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  1. November 8, 2010 1:27 pm

    Oh Beka – Phil will love this post!!!

    • November 8, 2010 9:39 pm

      oh my word…i have more pictures up on facebook…it really was amazing! p.s. tell phil i’m sorry for the slaughter last night…but not that sorry :)


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