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c'mon, man

August 18, 2010

I feel like the guys on the panel of the MNF pregame show have been in my head for the past 24 hours. The phrase that keeps repeating in my mind is, “C’mon, man!”

And this, surprisingly is not in reference to Brett Favre. Everyone knew he was coming back at the eleventh hour. He was going to hem and haw and hem again and then hop on a plane to Minnesota. I’m over the fact that he’s playing for the Vikings. Whatever. I think he used the Jets as a vehicle to come back the following year and play for the Vikings to get some vindication against the Packers, but ultimately I can’t dislike someone who was such an integral part of and did so much for the organization I love.

What leaves my mouth hanging ajar is the fact that the Vikings sent three of their best players – three of their leaders – down to Mississippi to talk Favre into coming back, consequently missing practice time with the rest of the team and revealing the true order of the team’s priorities. Really…really? People, this is ridiculous! C’MON, MAN! It’s like a girl who gets broken up with and then begs her boyfriend to come back to her. Not just once, but annually. It was clear last year that Brett Favre had the upper hand over Brad Childress, but to have that mentality trickle down to the rest of the team…that’s verging on pathetic. Not to mention what this does to the self-esteem of Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels – or even Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, and so on and so forth. When any one player becomes bigger than the rest of the team, problems are bound to arise.

Although I don’t completely agree with how the Packers and Favre parted ways, I still respect the Packers for having a backbone. They weren’t about to play the back-and-forth, wishy-washy game. They went with Aaron Rodgers and never looked back. And now, seeing how everything has played out in the years since, I respect them more than ever for sticking to their guns.

Disclaimer: I really have no right to an opinion here because I, and the rest of the public, for that matter, have no idea what actually happened between Brett and the Packers in 2008 and between Brett and the Vikings now. It irritates me to no end when people speculate and sound off about situations that do not directly involve them, athletically and otherwise. And clearly, my opinions are not unbiased. I am already prejudiced against the Vikings because next to the Bears, they are my least favorite team in the league. It’s a prerequisite to who I am as a Packers fan. But just based on the logistics of what has transpired over the past 24 hours, I think the situation has reached a new low. I would feel the same way about any team who stoops to such a level for one player, even if he is without question the best player on the team. Have some faith in the rest of your team. Have some self-respect, for goodness sake.

There’s still no “i” in team. But there is an “m.” And today, that “m” stands for “c’mon, man!”

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