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goodbye rochester : apartment

July 27, 2010

When I first started looking for apartments in Rochester I ran into a few roadblocks. Namely, I ran into the worst apartments in all of North Chili. I looked at one complex where the landlord suggested I not enter or leave unaccompanied. I looked at another in which a hazmat suit seemed a necessary prerequisite. I looked at a basement someone was renting, which was outfitted by the design team on That 70’s Show. And then I looked here:

After the former options, it didn’t look half bad.

But then we got to the front door…

And I saw the high-tech security features…

and not one, but two equally horrendous applications of floral wallpaper…

and the infamous hole, bring a wealth of new meaning to the phrase “hole in the wall”…

and looked upon the apartment door with wonder, bewildered at how my living options had actually gone downhill from my previous choices.

We got off to a rough start. But when considering the space and cost and distance from work…everything added up. And after a few endless weeks of renovations, my fallout shelter became my favorite place.

Now, instead of walking inside my house and seeing faded wallpaper and gaping holes, I see the entryway behind my door.

and my kitchen just around the corner…

with my picture-plastered fridge…

and my beloved apron…

and the living room where many an episode of Friends, Gilmore Girls, and Friday Night Lights have been viewed…

and my purple bathroom…

and my favorite reading place.

Oh, apartment.

I’m going to miss you so much, squirrels and all.

Except for the squirrels. I really won’t miss them.


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