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up in the air

July 12, 2010

This post is coming from 34,000 feet above ground in-flight from JFK to San Diego. It would be posted immediately if Wi-Fi didn’t cost $12.95 (lame, Delta…lame), but as it is it will be posted at some point in time after landing. But even with overpriced internet access, nothing can quell my enthusiasm for being up in the air right now.

I love flying.

Love, love, love flying. Why?

1. It’s beautiful

    Seeing the world from above and the clouds right outside the window, the golden streams of water and interweaving highways – it always gets me, fills me with wonder for God’s breathtaking creation.

    2. The People: This morning there was a very large tattooed and pierced man sitting across the aisle from me. I was more than a little surprised when he pulled out a cross-stitch of a country church framed with the verse, “With God, everything is possible,” and started stitching away. Right now I’m sitting next to such a wonderfully interesting woman; we talked for almost an hour about travel and work and life in general. I absolutely love meeting and learning about people on planes.

    3. The Unexpected Experiences: Ala the pigeon who dive-bombed us while we were eating Starbucks breakfast at the gate.

    4. Individual TV Screens: the fact that I can watch over 5 uninterrupted, guilt-free hours of the Food Network is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

      Really, what’s not to love? The only thing that keeps me from wanting to be on this plane indefinitely is the knowledge that once we land we’ll get to go explore San Diego. SAN DIEGO.

      What a wonderful day.

      (P.s. from the city of SAN DIEGO (which, apparently, I always need to shout) – California is amazing. More pictures and stories to come tomorrow.)

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