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remember when?

June 7, 2010

Today’s post seems to be taking the form of a “remember when?” game. My college roommate and I used to play this game when we were avoiding homework sitting in our room chatting. It’s a beloved pastime of ours that has worked it’s way into most of our conversations. So to carry the torch onto the next phase of life, here’s the “remember when?” weekend recap edition:

1. Remember my over-packing issues? They have now taken residence in my purse. Which is not so much a purse as it is the thing that will one day make me look like Quasimodo. I weighed it this weekend just for kicks and I’m reluctant to reveal the number…but let’s just say it’s one digit shy of being a double digit. In my defense, it was especially heavy that day because I was carrying my camera which takes up a good 5 lbs or so. There is no defense for the fact that I was also carrying a book, a journal, a bottle of hairspray and enough hand sanitizer to last through the apocalypse and beyond.

2. Remember my devotion to Friday Night Lights? It could be that I’ve never loved it more after watching last week’s episode. I cried a river through the entire episode. It was unfortunate that I did my makeup beforehand, an exercise that was rendered irrelevant after 45 minutes of tears.

3. Remember how much I love food? Of course you do, since I never let you forget. One of my absolute favorites is nectarines. I love everything about nectarines. Seriously, everything. The color, the smell, the perfect size and shape for portability inside my purse, and of course the wonder that is the taste. So you can imagine my inexpressible joy upon walking into Wegmans’ produce section and finding this season’s first crop of nectarines!!! I was tempted to eat one right then and there, but I decided to wait until I actually purchased it.

4. Remember how much I love food? Just in case you forgot, it bears repeating. Last night was the first time I had been home to make dinner in over a week. Or home to make any meal, for that matter. So I set out to make flatbread pizza for dinner and chicken salad for lunch the next day (both of which will be featured in detail later this week). What I didn’t set out for was stress relief, but that’s exactly what I got. It felt so wonderful to actively make something; I’ve never realized how therapeutic creating in the kitchen is for me. We’ll just chalk that up as one more reason to love food!


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