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Tuesday Three

May 18, 2010

1. I’m watching the Biggest Loser contestants run the Biggest Loser marathon…and I feel so bad for them. Oh, so bad. And I only know what the first half feels like! Keep going, guys! I’ll be tearing up cheering you on!

2. I found out about the Escalate photography conference from a photographer’s blog and checked out the website on a whim. I decided to sign up for the free online streaming and figured I’d just tune in here and there when I could. Oh my word. Oh my WORD, it was so incredible. I was hooked from the first hour I watched over my lunch break and ended up tuning in as much as possible over the past two days. There were so many wonderful speakers, but I found these three especially inspirational. Aside from being exceptional photographers, they also seem to be amazing people. Be sure to check them out!!!

3. And last but not least, nothing says spring quite like this:

Praise the Lord…spring seems to have finally come to Rochester!!!


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