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Oh, Canada

May 15, 2010

Wonderful friend and fellow admissions counselor BA and I are in Canada this weekend for an admissions event. And let’s just say that my American driving antics have not been well-received across the border. And let’s just say that that’s probably my fault.

a) Tried to use my EZ-Pass to pay a toll in Canada. When we had to back out of the toll booth and drive into one of the cash booth’s the man behind the counter politely reminded me that I was now in Canada, and my American gadgets would no longer be of use to me. That turned out to be truer than he knew…

b) My Canadian GPS options are British Columbia or Nova Scotia, and since we are in neither of those places, my GPS has once again rendered itself useless.

b) We’re in a Jeep that is just this side of Army-issued. And as tanks are wont to do, I’ve nearly steam-rolled a few adjacent vehicles.

So a + b + c = one slightly regrettable American driver.

One person who has seen all the phases of my driving career (my propensity to take pictures while driving included) is my very dear friend Jaclyn, whose birthday is TODAY!!! Jacs, thanks for being such a wonderful friend…and for continuing to get into vehicles that I am operating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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