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A Very "Monday" Morning…

May 3, 2010

The sun is currently shining.

It was not shining when I left my apartment for work at approximately 7:50am. No, no. In place of sunshine, there was a torrential downpour. Seriously. We are talking round-up-the-animals-and-slap-some-plywood-together downpour. In the space between my front door and my car, a distance of less than 100 ft, I managed to become fully soaked from head to toe. My umbrella became a colorful accessory, useless in my fight against the one minute hurricane. That’s right: one minute. I left my apartment at exactly the time the skies opened up, and returned inside to change into something that did not just come out of a nature-made washing machine precisely when they closed. It was like they were waiting for me.

Now that I am done reenacting scenes from The Tempest I’d like to relive a drier moment of my life: the much-anticipated stop to Bruster’s Ice Cream. It was even BETTER than I imagined it would be!!! I won’t reveal my choice(s) so as not to sway your decision, but will remind you that the 100th Post Giveaway for a $10 Bruster’s Gift Card is still open until 11:59pm tonight! Post your favorite flavor in the comments section here for a chance to win.

And trust me, you want to win.

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