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The White Trash Dilemma

February 5, 2010

I have a question.

What do you call this:

I’ve always labeled it under the derogatory pseudonym “White Trash.” Now this is all fine and dandy when all you have to do is bring it to a party and leave it on a table. No harm, no foul, no speaking of the awkward nickname. But I made some the other day and brought it in to work to leave in the copy room for anyone passing by. Since I felt the need to label it so that people would know it was theirs for the taking, I adorned it with the post-it, “White Trash – Help Yourself!!!” which was not exactly the sentiment I was going for. However, I wasn’t about to write, “Stuff covered in white chocolate – help yourself!” on a post-it note, because let’s face it, that’s even less appetizing than White Trash.

If anyone has a politically correct name for the snack pictured above, please share. And please share soon, so this topic will stop boggling my mind.

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